Month: November 2016

Latest Developments in the Canadian Housing Market – B2B Bank

canadian housing market

Thanks to our friends at B2B Bank for their economic outlook report. See more communications from B2B and Laurentian Bank here. With the new mortgage regulations in place, now is a good time to discuss the state of the Canadian housing market. Previous tightening in mortgage rules, including the reduction in the maximum amortization period… Read more »

Knowing When to Refinance

People refinance their mortgages for a number of different reasons, and it can be a great way to help with your financial goals. Whether it is to consolidate debt, get a better interest rate, or take out equity from your home, knowing when to refinance is an important step in the process. Good timing for… Read more »

Supporting Documents for Self-Employed Mortgage Applicants

Thanks to Pino Decina at HomeTrust for his post on Self-Employed Mortgage Applicants. See the original post here. The Canadian workforce is expected to undergo a revolution in the coming years and it is anticipated this will result in more workers being categorized as “self-employed”. Whether operating a small business or working on a contract… Read more »